The Plight of the People and the Churches in Cuba
By Daniel Fulton
Cuba as seen through the eyes of a working class American.
This book is written as a travel log to the Churches that have survived and thrived during and after the Castro revolution in Cuba.  The author takes you on a journey to the Cuba that Castro has neglected and time has forgotten.  Clean water filtering systems are installed in these Churches.  They give it to anyone who is in need.  This is a wonderful evangelistic tool.  On average a church doubles in size in two years of an installation.  The Bibles given out insure that God's Word is heard by all the new members.  Clean water and Bibles are both scarce in Cuba.  Come with him and experience Cuba away from the large cities, the rural, real Cuba.
About the Author:
Dan has been to Honduras 3 times, Alaska, New Orleans after Katrina, Ecuador, and now Cuba.  Every trip he has been on has blessed him and changed him.  After each trip he would write a brief travel log of his travels and share it with his Church.  They urged him to publish but it took a passion for the plight of the church in Cuba and prodding from the Holy Spirit for him to publish this book.  Dan has been a lifelong Hoosier currently living in Kokomo,IN with his wife Suzanne.  Together they raised 4 daughters.  They enjoy traveling and visiting their 3 grandchildren.
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